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Deg Graphics

Dir en Grey Graphics
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deg__graphics is a graphics community dedicated to Dir en Grey, one of the best (strictly opinion speaking) Japanese Rock bands out there. Here you will find Icons, Banners, Color bars, Layouts and much more feature Dir En Grey. Rules are pretty liniant, so you shouldn't have much to worry about unless people become too stupid about them.

Once a month, we will have a "DeG Graphics Star", and that person will be rewarded by me with a special reward which will be secret until the first winner.

.o1 All graphics must be Dir en Grey related. For now the post is unmoderated, but if too many have no DeG in them, I will have to start moderating.

.o2 You must post 3 or less Dir en Grey icons as teasers. The rest go behind LJ-Cut

.o3 You may link away from the journal, but make it known that you are linking away.

.o4 You may post pictures of the group, that is most deffinitly allowed and welcomed.

.o4 No flame post or comments. We are all only human and can't expect to be the best at everything.

.o5 Requesting is allowed. But do not request from a specific user, beggars can't be choosers. Make a new post with your request and someone may respond, no garuntees.

.o6 Tutorials are allowed, but they must be DeG related.

.o7 We are not a help community, do not ask how someone has made something, if the maker wants to make a tutorial of a DeG Graphic they will, other than that, you can do a search for tutorials and find plenty (trust me, I've looked).

.o8 Make sure to end your post with x-post if you have cross posted the graphics elsewhere.

.o9 If you are taking anything that someone else made, be sure to comment (if poster wants you to) and credit. I will ask all creators to report any theives to me and they will be banned from the community. That is beyond disrespectful.

More rules may be added as things progress, so be on the watch.



If you want to become affiliates, please email me at jenna@morning-after.org. I will affiliate with anything JRock or Graphics related. I will send you the button as a response.